The Full Spectrum Solution

Sauce Terps is leading the industry in advancing product development through terpene profile induction.

Sauce Terps

Welcome to Sauce Terps, the leading authority on full spectrum strain specific terpene profiles. As the original creators of such profiles, we lift the industry to new heights with our specialized expertise, knowledge base, and love of terpenes. When it comes to complex flavors, loud fragrances, and consistent reproducibility, you can lean on us. Our goal is not only to present superior terpene profiles, but to bring your product to life with an exquisite and full spectrum experience.

Why Choose Sauce Terps

In 2014 our team of Masters and PhD chemists created the first full spectrum, strain specific terpene profile and little did we know the profound effect it would have. We now have two exceptional brands, with well over 100 deep and complex profiles benefiting both businesses and consumers alike. At Sauce Terps, we realize that your products are the life of your company. This is why we are dedicated to manufacturing the vitality your products need to thrive in this competitive jungle. Not only do we care about you, we also care greatly about the industry itself. We are always striving to bring knowledge to the forefront and are continuously pushing the envelope in this new and exciting field.    


You're In The Right Place

If you are searching for great pricing, reliability, and consistency look no further! At Sauce Terps we specialize in the full spectrum, strain specific terpene profile. It’s all we do, and we are good at it! Our pricing is always competitive, not only because we want to bring a superior product to consumers at great prices; but because of our extensive partnerships that allow us to bring our terpenes right from farm to bottle. Because of our partnerships, even massive quantity orders are a breeze. Sauce Terps can supply all of your terpene needs dependably and accurately, small or large. Speaking of consistency! Our team at Sauce Terps, along with the help from a multitude of industry specialists, have put in to place an extensive line of control processes that guarantee you get what you want, when you want, every time. New industries can be an amazing thing, but are often not clear and can lead to confusion or even harm.  That’s why we ask you to choose Sauce Terps, someone you can lean on!


You have questions, well… we have answers! We have a great team of PhD Chemists, Master Mixers, and a slew of industry know-it-alls that are more than happy to get you on the right track. Whether it be questions about mixing, dilution, product characteristics, applications, safety precautions, or anything in general; we are here to help guide you. Just let us know if you have any questions or concerns through our contact page or nifty chat bot! We keep a close eye on incoming questions, so expect an answer shortly!