As the accessibility of CBD in today’s global market place becomes more readily available, more people are becoming exposed to It and using it for wellness.

The general consensus is that whole-plant or Hemp-derived, full-spectrum CBD is the best way to obtain the maximum benefits of this cannabidiol. However, Hemp extract contains trace amounts of THC at 0.3% or less, and at a non-drug-test failing ratio, this amount of THC is enough to cause some companies and consumers to shy away from using it. As a result, a large number of the CBD products available today online or over the counter, are manufactured from CBD isolate. While CBD isolate is a good way to introduce CBD into your diet and health regime, it is not the best due to not being full spectrum. A better way to reap the medical benefit is to introduce terpenes into your CBD product. Reintroducing terpene profiles into your CBD products will greatly enhance the desired results.

We have hand-crafted 5 essential oil infused terpene profiles that will have a synergistic effect when combined with your CBD. Each profile (Calm, Create, Energize, Relief, and Sleep) has terpenes known to produce these desired effects and then are laced with essential oils to compliment those effect. Whether you are adding it to your existing product or creating your own tinctures, vape pens, or topically applied products, you are now creating the entourage effect and maximizing your results. Adding these wellness terpenes to your health regime is as simple as adding cream to your coffee.

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