What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are natural organic compounds found in nature and constitute amazing qualities for a myriad of plant species. Specifically so, terpenes perform a considerable role in the fragrance and flavors of flora that produce them.

What are Sauce Terps Full Spectrum Strain Specific Terpene Profiles?

Plants contain naturally occurring terpenes as the base building blocks of many of our favorite fragrances and flavors found around the world. Sauce Terps, with our leading manufacturing capabilities and knowledge base, delivers these terpene profiles in an authentic, pure, and easy use form for all.

Why choose Sauce Terps?

Our team has dedicated years researching the methods of bringing terpene profiles to all consumers in a healthy, full-bodied manner, and will continue to do so. We care! We believe strongly in the industry and would like to see it thrive and become something special for everyone in all the right ways. Last, but certainly not least is our customers. Sauce Terps is our vision to bring you outstanding profiles with the best customer care. We care what you think and expect of Sauce Terps and our profiles. If you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.


There are many terpenes found in nature, each one diverse, and yet they find a way to work together. Almost all extracts alone lack the whole bodied characterisitics of the strains found in nature. Native and cultured strains contain a host of terpenes, providing a wide range of reported theraputic capabilities. When considering strains and the terpenes within them as a whole, we represent them as terpene profiles. Sauce Terps profiles contain 100 or more terpenes in every profile, each with their own unique traits and properties. Our goal with Sacue Terps is to deliver full spectrum strain specific profiles and the unlimited possibilites that they provide in a healthy wholesome form.


We recommend all terpene profiles be stored in a cool dark place for optimal lifespan. Terpenes can be frozen if needed.


For all uses we recommend a 1-15% ratio. There are many variables involved when mixing terpenes with extracts or other mediums. This will require some experimentation to find the desired level of terpene profiles needed.

Our Terpene profiles are very pure, so a little goes a long ways! To much and they can become very overpowering.


Our profiles come with a drip top for mixing convenience and measurement. If the top is removed, we recommend using glass pipettes for measurement.

Do you sell samples?

We do! All terpene profiles have a 1ml size variation available.

Looking to try more than a couple profiles? We sell sample packs as well. This is a great solution for you business owners and connoisseurs looking to try a wider range of profiles at discounted prices! Just check out the value packs for either brand under the products tab. (Sauce Terps and Medical Terpenes)

Do you have wholesale/bulk options?

Sauce Terps and Medical Terpenes brands both have their own options for wholesale/bulk orders through inquire only.

If interested please contact us at sauceterps@gmail.com

Do you have a storefront or pickup/dropoff location?

There are no storefronts, pickup, or dropoff locations at this time.

All orders will be shipped.

In case of emergency/rush orders please contact us at sauceterps@gmail.com. The email is always monitored and response times are quick, if not immediate. We will work to accommodate as best as we can.

What are my shipping options?

USPS First Class is the default shipping method.

FedEx ground and UPS ground are available upon request.

What are shipping and handling times?

Handling Time:

1-3 business days.

Shipping Times (Continental United States) :

USPS 2-4 business days

FedEx ground and UPS ground 2-5 days


3-5 business days


All sales are final and are unable to be returned/refunded.

Exception- Orders can be refunded prior to fulfillment and shipment.