• Full Spectrum

Sauce Terps brings you to new heights with original & unique profiles; alongside coveted long-time favorites. Years of hard work and research grants us the ability to create astounding profiles, with some innovative and matchless features.

• Strain Specific •

Great for consumers and businesses alike, Sauce Terps’ profiles open the door to a world of new experiences. Unlike other profiles, Sauce Terps provides a heavier impression; filled with pungent odors, deep aromas and permeating undertones.

Terpene Profiles •

Specializing in full spectrum, strain specific terpenes, is what we do. It allows us to produce the highest quality terpenes, with rock bottom pricing, for consumers like you! If you’re looking for 100% pure, organic, full-bodied fragrant and strain specific terpene profiles, with absolutely no additives, look no further!